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This Zigbee Curtain Motor is a high-quality motor designed to automate your home’s curtains with ease.

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This high-quality Zigbee Curtain Motor was designed to easily automate your home’s curtains. This device utilizes the Zigbee protocol, which allows for seamless integration with other Zigbee-enabled devices, thus making it an excellent addition to your smart home ecosystem.
This motor is equipped with a powerful 25W motor, providing smooth and quiet operation for your curtains. It also features an adjustable speed control, enabling you to customize the opening and closing speed of your curtains to your liking.
Installing this Zigbee Curtain Motor is easy, and it accommodates both single and double curtain tracks. Its compact size allows you to easily conceal it behind your curtains, preserving the aesthetic of your room.
Furthermore, the motor has compatibility with various voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can utilize your voice to open and close your curtains or establish schedules to automate your curtains according to your daily routine.
Overall, this Zigbee Curtain Motor is an excellent choice for anyone looking to automate their curtains with a reliable and efficient device that seamlessly integrates into their smart home system.


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